Earn A Salary + Residual Income
With A Fidelity Sales Career!




Fidelity is currently hiring an account executive for our inside sales team. Experience not necessary. We are offering a salary, bonuses, benefits plus monthly residual commissions and we will provide leads. Please read through the site before applying.

  • Salary + Commission
  • Monthly Residuals On Each Account
  • Earn A 6 Figure Income
  • Systemized Sales Training
  • Unlimited Earning Potential


The two things sales professionals value in their careers is security and growth potential. Credit card processing, also known as “merchant services”, offers the highest level of both.

Account executives receive a portion of every credit card payment that their merchants accept, called "residuals". As long as the merchant continues processing with Fidelity, you will continue to receive monthly residuals. It's income that compounds, growing year after year as more merchants are added to your portfolio and as your existing merchants' business grows.

Payment processing is a commodity that virtually every business needs. Most merchants don’t have a relationship with their current processor and feel that their needs are not being met. By simply building relationships and offering solutions, you can build a portfolio of merchants that will pay you a multiple six figure residual income.

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Unlimited Earning Power

There’s no limit to your earning potential with Fidelity. The more accounts you board, the higher your monthly residuals grow  Many existing account executives earn six figures; our top performers earn significantly more.

Payouts for Life of Account!

Our splits are residual based, which means that you’ll continue to be paid for the life of the account. Every account compounds to create your total income, which will grow year after year.


Empowering Success With Fidelity University

Fidelity University is our virtual coaching program designed to teach you how to board accounts and earn residuals. Our proven system has paved the way for success for countless agents. Now it's your turn. You bring the sales experience and  your willingness to work hard to earn big, and we'll  be there every step of the way to ensure your success.

  • Training Videos

    Fidelity University features short, easy to understand videos to ensure that you are able to digest the information and put it into action without getting overwhelmed.

  • Weekly Coaching Webinars

    Our weekly coaching webinars are a platform for our agents to ask questions and discuss the week’s activity. We also feature coaching and training on a variety of industry related topics to help you succeed in the field.

  • Private Coaching

    Every agent has access to a personal coach that will answer any questions you might have. This will help prepare you for prospecting and presenting our services so that you can start earning bonuses and residuals immediately.

  • Live Events

    Every year Fidelity has their Annual Agent Conference. Once a year we come together as a company to celebrate success, network and a hear from our CEO and upper management.



With over 21 years of experience, Fidelity is a leader in the payment industry. We are most proud of our consistent honesty, integrity, and communication with our merchants. Businesses entrust us with their payment processing, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Our dedicated customer support team, innovative technology, and industry knowledge and experience are what separate’s Fidelity from the other providers. This explains our high 98.4% merchant retention rate. Compare that to the rest of the industry, whose retention rate lies around 75%.

To the public, we sell credit card processing but to our tens of thousands of clients we are better known as problem solvers, payment experts and trusted advisers. We've created seamless sales process based on a proven formula that works. If you are considering a career in electronic payment processing, Fidelity will give you the tools to succeed.

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  • How Do I Apply?

    Due to the influx of candidates applying for this position, we can only accept online applications. To begin the process, click here and follow the steps to complete your application.

  • Is Experience Required?

    No. This position is does not require sales experience. If you think you have what it takes, apply and let us know why you think you’re a good fit for the position. Our sales training will take care of the rest.

  • I Don't Have A Resume

    If you’re an experienced sales professional without a resume, type up your work experience and what you currently do on a word document and upload it.



Here's what our account executives are saying about their experience with Fidelity.

“Becoming a Fidelity Agent was instrumental in revitalizing my sales career. Earning lifetime residuals sure beats running after customers for sporadic orders. Fidelity's industry knowledge, their training program, their streamlined process for setting up accounts and their Agent Support team helped me get ahead very quickly. I feel great selling a service that is truly appreciated and utilized on a daily basis by my customers.”

Mendy Hus, Fidelity, VIP Account Executive

“Fidelity’s expertise ensures that I earn higher profits on every account than any other processor because they know how to obtain the lowest rates for merchants. Their respected position in the industry ensures that I have the knowledge and resources to succeed. Our large range products and services locks in merchants once they sign up to stay with us for many years to come. Joining Fidelity was the best career decision I ever made.”

Marc Shamula, Fidelity, VIP Account Executive